Praise For Three Very Important Members Of The QuickCert Team


This  is a special  note of thanks to three individuals.

Helayna Kessinger

Let’s start with  the  lady who always  answers the  phone, she is  always  stopping  whatever she is doing to help give me the resources I need to  obtaining  my  goal  of passing  my A+ certifications.   She  has  been a blessing to my life  due to the  fact she has something  positive and  encouraging  everyday,  also  she has  looked  up countless  information as  to  what  instructor  teaching what,  also this lady  was very proud  when I told her I was  getting my helpdesk certifcation. This  the one and  only  Helayana Kessigner. Love  you  because your  a  bigggggggggg ole encourager

Matt Patton.

Matt Patton deserves  nothing  but the best, and I hope who  is ever editing this  information knows what type of floor general you have leading your troops. He is real and genuine and  loves his  job.  He stays  after me to get my education and I have grown a lot in  my PC skills due to this company existing.

Instructor  Chuck Moore.

Chuck  has  provided  so  much  information to a  young  man like  myself and   I am like what more  can  you ask for.  I love the webinars and  the phone calls whenever we  talk about all computer issues.


Well this is the  dream team!!!


D. Coleman

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