QuickCert Receives A Glowing Review

First off, I want to say that QuickCert is very competitively priced for the ‘do-it-yourself’ type of students like myself. I had worked with computers most of my life, but currently am not in the IT field with my main job. I realized I needed to pursue Certification in order to make a real career change to do what I love; working with computers.

I looked all over my area, and the Tech ‘Schools’ in my area were trying to charge me on average 10-15 times the fee for a comparable course load to what I received from QuickCert!  I’m not kidding! New Horizons told me it’d be over $19,000 to be trained by them! I am so glad I didn’t take the bait when they pressured me to get trained there. I found QuickCert several months later, and I love that their prices are actually doable for someone like me on a tight budget.

Also, QuickCert is much easier to get started with since it’s a no-pressure approach to signing up. When I began to look over the options for training with QuickCert, I had an awesome experience on the front end. I spoke to a very nice woman named Lisa Grandmaison (sp?) who went over all the options, and gave me some advice about a course load that would fit my future career goals. Not only that, but after discussing what I wanted at length with her; she offered me a course bundle for the main courses I’d need over the next year.  This saved me a decent chunk of money as separately the courses would have cost me more.  She easily could have gotten more money out of me if that was her goal, but instead she spent considerable time working with me and going over all the available options QuickCert could offer me.

This indicated to me that QuickCert really did want to train me in this field.  I felt respected and felt like I was treated professionally as a prospective student. The other IT training programs I looked into made me feel like a walking $ sign.

Secondly, once I began my training I logged in and was greeted by Instructor Chuck Moore who began walking me through my CompTIA A+ course.  I had seen Chuck in some demo videos, and was happy he was the one teaching this course. He methodically, and thoroughly walked through the course one lesson at a time in the video training.  The thing I found the most helpful about being taught by Chuck however, was his online classes. He does a real great job at sticking to what needs to be taught, and at the same time putting a bit of fun into the mix to keep it interesting.

Chuck is also ‘above-the-bar’ in my opinion when it comes to being an online Tech trainer for a very simple reason. He actually really means it when he says ‘If you need more help, or want the notes I’m going over… just let me know!’.  He has been very responsive to my questions in class, and out of class via e-mail correspondence.  If you decide to train with QuickCert, I highly recommend you spend the bit extra for the online classes. Even with how busy I am these days, I was still able to attend several of these classes every month, and it’s made a huge difference for me to be sure.

 I hope in the future to be able to attend more regularly as I work towards more Certifications… but also get this – Chuck also sent me links and notes to the webinars I couldn’t attend.  (Major plus!)

I feel like being trained by QuickCert is a great value considering what you get for the cost, and the level of service you receive right from the get-go.

Lastly, QuickCert is what it claims to be.  I currently work 45-60 hours a week and I am a husband and father. Given my circumstances I required great flexibility, and with my budget cost was a heavy consideration. I am so busy I couldn’t study nearly as fast as others who have more free time… but QuickCert has thus far lived up to it’s name for me.  Despite being so busy, I was able to go from zero to Certified in my first course in only 4 and half months!

 To me, that’s Quick.

Also, I am Certified in that material now, so QuickCert is aptly named! 

I could go on for quite a while talking about my experience with QuickCert, but I must now get back to work and get my resume’ out there so I can get this IT job I have been wanting –  at least now I can add A+ to my list of skills!

 *QuickCert did not solicit me for this testimonial/review. I was not paid for this, it is my honest opinion of the service they provide.


– Jeremy B.

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